Today in the city Coral Springs 24.04.2018
State Supreme Court Says Six-Term Colorado GOP Congressman Off Ballot After Nominating Signatures Ruled Invalid

Six-term Republican congressman Doug Lamborn is in serious danger of not even being on the ballot this November after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that his name should not appear on the bal...

Florida Teen Apologizes For Racist Promposal Sign

The invitation read: “If I was black, I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking u 4 ... prom?”

Estranged Wife of Pete Rose Says He Has Racked Up 'Significant' Gambling Debt

Pete Rose's wife, Carol, contends that baseball's all-time hit king has racked up 'significant' high-stakes gambling debt in new court docs.

Nashville Mayoral Candidate: One Armed Patron Could Have Made a Difference at Waffle House

Nashville mayoral candidate Carol Swain responded to the April 21 Waffle House shooting by noting how much difference even a single armed patron could have made.

19 NYC Secrets Even New Yorkers Don't Know

Photo: Daniel Cavazos/The Wooly.When you're living in a city whose history dates back to the 1600s, every day is an opportunity to discover another mind-blowing piece of historical trivia. Many of New...

Every airman 'must understand the business of space superiority,' Air Force chief of staff says

Colorado Springs, Colo. (AFNS) — Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. David L. Goldfein emphasized the essential role airmen have when it comes to space superiority during the 34th Space Symposi...

Rube Goldberg machine champs pour cereal with clock, guitar - CNET

Rube Goldberg's world of whimsical mechanical inventions lives on as teams of students figure out the wildest ways to prepare a simple breakfast.

Science Begins To Look To Gene-Editing Tools Like CRISPR To Save Coral Reefs

Researchers are now looking to new gene-editing tools like CRISPR - Cas9 to provide new insights and perhaps even the means to save corals from becoming the wreckage of a warming world.

All the terrible things that would happen if all the coral reefs died off

We're currently facing the worst bleaching of coral reefs ever known in history, but what would happen if all the coral reefs died off? We've already lost 50% of the world's coral, and we're at r...

Chi Chi Life's Lauren Chiarello: How Fitness Improves Your Work And Life

Lauren Chiarello is the founder of Chi Chi Life which melds her passions: fitness, event production, fundraising, corporate wellness and cancer advocacy. Here, she talks about how exercise improves yo...

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